The Island

The Surin Islands are rated as one of Thailand's prime island locations.

They are located 60km west off the Andaman Coast and are accessible by day trip from Khuraburi.


The Surin Islands offer a large variety of snorkeling opportunities.

Families can enjoy the broad shallow protected reefs on the east coast.

Experienced snorkelers may prefer the north & south coasts where stronger currents draw larger fish.


There are Surin Islands snorkel speedboat trips going every day from Khuraburi.

There are no scuba speedboats so divers can join our cruiser for scuba day & overnight trips


It is possible to see 4 species of sea turtle in the Surin Islands.

The national park state - "Mu Ko Surin is the best place in Thailand for anyone who want to swim with sea turtles."


Thailand's Andaman Sea is renowned for its marine biodiversity.

Red, white & purple soft corals cover world famous dive location, Richelieu Rock, which is located in the Surin Islands national park.


Join one of our trips and you will help us support local, national & international conservation programs.

Surin Islands Information

  • surin islands snorkeling


    The Surin Islands rate as one of the top snorkeling locations in Thailand.

    Long broad and shallow coral reefs line the sheltered eastern coast providing extensive opportunities for beginner snorkelers.

    Specific off shore sites scattered around the Surin islands offer more challenging snorkeling and opportunities to view larger animals such as sharks & rays

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  • Surin Islands climate


    The weather in the Surin Islands dutifully follows that on the mainland with sunny weather during high season from November to May and heavy rains during the monsoon season during the northern hemisphere summer months.

    The only real difference is at the fringes of the season and during low season. During this time the deep showers are more localised and it is quite possible for Koh Phra Thong to be saved the torrential rain hitting the mainland.

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  • surin islands location


    The Surin Islands are located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand. The nearest town is the port town of Khuraburi, situated on the mainland about 60km east.

    They are situated surprisingly close to the Myanmar border; being only 12km south of the Burmese Christie island.

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  • surin islands nature


    The Surin Islands Marine Park hosts a phenomenal range of flora and fauna on the land and in the sea.

    The casual eco-tourist will be able to enjoy a glimpse of the park's promise on a Surin Islands day trip.

    The commited marine naturalist can visit a broad variety of sites on a Surin Islands 3d2n Snorkel Expedition and marvel at the impressive bio-diversity.

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Surin Islands - Koh Surin - Thailand

Koh Surin National Marine Park rates as one of Thailand's prime island locations. The two main islands Koh Surin Nua (North Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (South Surin Island) form the bulk of the land mass. The other 3 satellite islands both enhance the overground vistas and provide supplementary fringing reef.

The entire Surin archepelago covers a region greater than 320 kmĀ² and includes the picturesque island of Koh Tachai and sublime scuba diving at Richelieu Rock where the large pelagic favourites, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, are often sighted.

The Marine Park headquarters are situated on the North island. They are tastefully designed, blending with the surroundings. Thankfully the National Park has not pushed the development of the island too far. Most visitors staying on the island sleep at the camp sitelthough there are also bungalows that for rent.

We offer daily snorkeling tours by shared speedboat during high season from 1st November to 1st May. The speedboats carry between 6 (smaller speedboat) and 40 guests (extra large speedboat) and are staffed by Thai guides with some foreign language skills (English/French/German).

The trip takes just over an hour to the snorkeling sites. There is also the opportunity to go onto the Surin Islands themselves when you have lunch at the national park restaurant on Koh Surin Nuea.

During peak periods the boats are often fully booked so we recommend reserving your place well in advance

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Speedboat tour itinerary*

9.00am depart Khuraburi pier
10.00 - arrive Koh Surin
10.15 - 1st snorkel site
11.00 - 2nd snorkel site
12.00 - lunch at National Park HQ
13.30 - 3rd snorkel site
14.15 - Moken Village
15.00 - depart Surin Islands
16.00 - arrive Khuraburi

Please note :*This itinerary is for guidance only...
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Surin Islands Snorkel Day trips including snorkel guide & equipment

2,800 Bt - adult (13+ years old)
1,700 Bt - child (3-12 years old)
0 Bt - infant (under 3 years old)

National Park fees
500 Bt per day (adult)
300 Bt per day (child)

Booking fee for online reservation - 100 Bt per adult or child

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